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The purpose of past life regression hypnosis is to gain a fuller understanding of current life and the challenges you may be facing. Maybe you feel like you are repeating patterns or are not achieving something or feel you are to accomplish more? Or maybe you are suffering a fear or torment and simply do not know why.


 Past life regression hypnosis helps you find the answers you have been searching for by identifying the event from a past life that started it all. Past life regression hypnosis can give you the answers you may be seeking and help you live your highest potential and purposeful, fulfilling life.


As a Past Life Therapists I am able to integrate the experiences from your past lives into your current life situations and connect and remove the blocks that are limiting you.


As a past life hypnosis therapist I am able to identify the connection between past life events and your current life experience, now. This allows the integration process to flow easily and for a client to understand his past life correlation with his present life.


Past life regression hypnosis is

 Safe, Natural, and Works


You even have an option of recording your past life regression session,

with your own DVD copy, for an additional fee.


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Interactive Workshops

Full Day Workshops Are 8-10 Hours

Either 1- Full Day, 2 or 3 Ffull Days

The Most Important Relationship, Is The One With Yourself

  • Anxiety How To Eliminate it & Take Back Your Power
  • Boundary Setting, How To Say NO
  • Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life
  • Self Esteem & Confidence, Whats The Difference? Building Both
  • What Is The Writing On Your Walls? How Your Story Is Creating Your Life 
  • You Always Have The Answers, How To Access It  - Kinesiology
  • EFT Energy Tapping 
  • The Past Is Not Who You Are, It Is What You Do With It That Is

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